Monday, October 27, 2008

turning around a disaster

i always have the flash button of my polaroid *off*. when i was using it for the first time after we returned home from our trip, strange things happened.

i was taking pictures of the little goodies from joanna at home, the first polaroid came out like this:

* almost blank. can barely see the shape of the goodies.
i was scratching my head....

the first thing that came to my mind was, did the x-ray at the hand-carry inspection @ london/barcelona ruin my film and polaroid?
but it couldn't be right cos it worked perfectly fine during the trip. i surely had the polaroid went thru the x-ray at the inspection checkpoint in hk...

so i took a 2nd picture... this one was worse than the first one. TOTALLY blank, all white.
strange, i examined the polaroid thoroughly... then i saw the flash was *on*. huh! probably why!?
on top of the flash, the background was too bright and white, the goodies were also white... the result:: ALL WHITE.
(but i didn't see any *flash* when i took the two pictures, strange)... and couldn't figure out why the flash was *on*.

wasted two polaroids. not! could not trash them!
so i decided to *make* one.
* this is the first *handmade* polaroid ~ the one which was totally blank originally.
* i used a jelly pen in gold to draw and glued pieces of scrap book material plus lace to it....
* the jelly pen did not *eat* into the polaroid that well... it took a long time for the ink to dry, the ink was *running* around the surface and didn't want to *sit* still. should try another pen next round.

now i need to think of what to do with the other almost blank one.
welcome any suggestions! and yes, i know, it is very silly.


kaekae said...

wow! the handmade one is nice arr!!

joanna said...

really nice!!

see poladoodles by this flickr friend:

Ciyou said...

really a good idea to recycle those stuff

aileen :: motu said...

wah! thx for the link joanna! she does such an amazing job with the polaroids!!!!!