Tuesday, October 7, 2008

the poopoos have checked out

this afternoon, the poopoos have checked out.
the first step was to pass the immigration department of the KINGDOM OF MOTU.
after answering a few questions from the immigration officer,
like "how long are you leaving the KINGDOM OF MOTU?",
"what is the purpose of your trip?"
"how many pieces of luggage are you bringing with you?",
the poopoos successfully got their *departure approval* and *OK!* chop in their passports.

looked like the poopoos are traveling light...
just one big bag
** actually, there are also the fence, the peepee tray and the frozen food... but they can't fit into this bag **

just called my brother and his wife to check on the poopoos, to see if they are creating any trouble....
heard them barking... hahahaha


joanna said...

the passports are so cute!! haha!!

i'm sure they will be missing you but will behave very well!! ^^

aileen :: motu said...

heheh i hope they will behave too... otherwise, my brother will say "no next time!"