Thursday, October 30, 2008

my sweet ♡s

after a long day of work, nothing is sweeter than the greetings from my sweet ♡s.
the jumping and hopping, non-stop shaking of the tails.... all at the same time as soon as i step into the house.
their greetings each night can surely soothe my mind.

sometimes at work, when i am too troubled, too frustrated, too annoyed with work & people,
i will start picturing them in my mind.  

some of the images in my mind are:
* sugar the poopoo's super chunky limbs ~ so fat, rounded and cute... (sometimes i can't help but want to *bite* them, hehe)..

* her innocent little look...

* brownie the poopoo's smiling face

* chewing his smelly banana...

i wish i could bring them to work with me every day!


sabe said...

they are really so damn cute!!!!

kaekae said...

yes... so cute arr...

aileen :: motu said...

but sabe still only loves borbor!