Wednesday, October 1, 2008

on our national day

i am probably not as festive or patriotic as i should on this day.

after having a quick breakfast with somotu,
i rushed back to the office for work.

towards lunch time, a colleague asked whether i wanna order lunch.
i said "no, thank you" with a firm and steady tone.
"i know i will leave before you!  hehehe... so i don't need lunch."

when the lunch arrived, obviously i was still around...
my colleague offered me this muffin..
chocolate with an oreo cookie on top.........

i ended up getting off later than expected.
but that's ok, 
cos i am going to get a day back... 
i would feel like cheating if i had left too early!  ha!

to reward myself (what a nice excuse), i got myself three bottles of nail polish.
i am not the type that is very particular about my hands,
i would love to have pretty hands but i won't and don't have any,
cos mine are always too busy with this and that... 
like grooming the poopoos, giving them baths, cleaning this and that at home (cos i am a hygiene freak), etc
and especially my nails, they are tiny and short.
since i can't change the condition of my hands, i thought maybe i can add some nice colors to them...
hahaha... wishful thinking...

** i can hear the fireworks now....  pom pom pom....  burning $$....  just like me, burning $$ over the nail polish **

1 comment:

joanna said...

oh i wish i could grow some nails and paint them pretty!!

my favourite is short french nails!!