Saturday, October 18, 2008

sunset @ the mediterranean

was so glad that we got to the beach at a good time,
as we were able to catch the sunset, not too early (too white-ish) and not too late (too dark),
and weather was good enough for people and pets to enjoy themselves....
i especially enjoyed watching the kids playing with the waves... and
watching the waves clashing against the shore.....

there were a number of restaurants along the beach and we decided to change our plan (were originally going to go back to the city for seafood) and had dinner at one of the restaurants.  very nice.


ashlee 魚 said...

hey, i like the 1st and last one !!

can i ask you a question ?
in the crochet protocol, it states to use 3/0 for the crochet needle; do you know what size(mm) they are referring to?

as i cannot find 3/0 needle in hk, probably it's japanese standard.

betbet said...

romantic dinner !! ho ho!!

aileen :: motu said...

ashlee ~ i just left a note on your blog... ^_^

betbet ~ no candle lights though... hehehe