Sunday, October 26, 2008

the market place of barcelona

although the works of gaudi are very very impressive,
i found the market-place more interesting...
i guess it's probably true that,
the least expectations bring the most surprises.

it is very crowded but yet orderly.
with different stalls selling a wide spectrum of things,
from fruit juices to wine;
from raw meat to seafood restaurants; 
from fresh eggs to cooking spices...
* this one is all chocolate ~ was very tempted to buy some but wasn't sure if i could bring them home safely without ruining their shapes.. or melting... so decided not to get any in the end.

* these are candies!  in interesting packaging like burger king's french fries!

* fruit juice...  when i first saw this stall, i thought they were iced lollipops!

* more candies!  disguised as cherries and apples...

* a mountain of fresh fruits

* an interesting signage ~ save water, drink wine!


Ciyou said...

was the candy and chocolate good?? If I go I will buy and eat at that spot

aileen :: motu said...

i didn't get the ones you see in the pictures. i did get some other candies (sour jelly babies and fruit gums) which were good. but i found out later that the things inside the market are a bit over-priced ~ probably because it is a tourist spot. but nevertheless, it's not that much money but is definitely fun!