Tuesday, October 14, 2008

last full day in barcelona

no planned route... just wandered around the city and little streets....

* had local style seafood at a market-place

* the market-place was awesome (colorful stalls selling fruits, veggies, candies, seafood, eggs...) and scary (somotu made me looked at some things that i wouldn´t want to look at).. will try to draw them (in a cuter way.. hehe) when back...

* took pictures of the many many little streets

* went to picasso´s museum (not allowed to take pictures inside... somehow, i think at certain stages of his life, he might have gotten a bit lazy as some of his portraits of people have no ears, no eyes, no mouth, no nose... just a blank rounded face... just kidding, no offense.... )

* went to a cathedral and its roof top, oh and the garden at its backyard... very nice AND there were goose around!

* some more strolling along la rambla and some more tapas

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Ciyou said...

looking forward for your pictures online soon~~ have a nice trip