Sunday, October 19, 2008

la pedrera

same with casa batllo, we went to this place for three times as well.
twice just the outside (at day time then at night time) and once inside.
as we got a museum pass, we didn't need to pay for the entrance fee to this place and we didn't need to line up either.
the museum pass is a pretty good deal, it covers 6 museums for just 20 euros.

* looking up to the sky from the center of the inside of la pedrera

* aside from the museum of gaudi, one of the apartments of la pedrera is also open to public.  it is fully furnished with antique furnitures...  i spent quite a lot of time admiring the decoration and pieces of furniture while somotu was too tired and went back to the ground floor to rest.
* i took lots of pictures of each room, from different angles...  maybe they will be my reference when we have a new place (wishful thinking!)

* i like the lights inside the apartment

* a room with a view

* at day time

* at night time

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Ciyou said...

london looks beatiful~~ Hope to get there when my brother gratuate next year