Wednesday, October 1, 2008

♡ is.......

my dear friend,
i want nothing but happiness for you.
hang in there, 
i am sure real happiness will find you soon.

~ excerpt from LOVE IS LOVE ~
You don't have to touch it to know
Love is everywhere you go
You don't have to touch it to feel
Love is every second we steal

Love is love is nothing without you
Love is love is everything you do
Open up your eyes
And you will see

You don't have to touch it to be
Wrapped up in emotion
like me
Everyone must feel how I do, yeah
Love is just to be close to you

And you know that love is love
It's written in black and blue
And everything you say
Must bring her closer, closer to you

~ excerpt from LOVE HURTS ~

Love hurts
You know love hurts
Not everybody knows the way a river flows
Not everybody sees the sun up in the sky
Maybe you and I
should not try to plan our lives
If only what we could see what we hold in our hands
Love hurts 'cause you can't let go
Love hurts 'cause you need it so

Love hurts yes it hurts, but it's good for fools
Feel some pain now, still you wanna try it again
Everybody cries until the day they die
And everybody feels like they're the only one
If only we could see what's in front of our eyes, yeah

Love hurts every night and day
Love feelings never go away
Real love, it is here to stay with you

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sabe said...

i love you motu......