Thursday, October 16, 2008

home sweet home

home is the best....
traveling may be fun but,
nothing can be compared to the feeling of being HOME.

right after we landed and settled down, we met up with my family for dinner.
it's my mother's birthday today.

throughout the dinner, my sister-in-law told us story after story of the poopoos,
like how sugar the poopoo bullied big brother, brownie the poopoo, by pushing him off the cushion bed, eating from his bowl,
how brownie the poopoo made my brother play *fetch* non-stop, etc, etc..

the most amazing thing was both poopoos ate *properly* under the careful supervision of my sister-in-law, ah-king.  for us, feeding the poopoos is a big headache cos they are super picky and normally can only finish half of the meal...  but ah-king did a great job ~ no snacks, no cheating, just broiled chicken on top of the doggie pellets...  the poopoos could finish the entire serving each meal!! sometimes, they would even ask for a 2nd serving!   maybe we are not as good *parents*, we need to learn from ah-king...

after dinner, we went to pick up the poopoos from my brother's place and went back home.

we are very very grateful to my brother and ah-king for taking care of the poopoos...  we know it is not an easy job.... thanks so much!!!!

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