Friday, October 3, 2008

getting ready to fly!

finally, vacation time is approaching...
this time next week, 
we would be on the other side of the globe...

it is only until now that i really feel like "vacation"...
with so much going on, vacation seems to be so far away, almost intangible!

this weekend, we should start planning and getting ready for the trip...
the biggest *preparation* work is to settle down the poopoos.

my brother and his wife will be taking care of the poopoos (so nice of them...),
now, we will need to figure out a convenient time to bring the poopoos over to their place...
lots of things we need to bring over, like:
* the eating bowls
* the drinking bottle
* diapers
* the toilet pan
* doggie pellets
* chicken and mixed veggies
* many many kinds of snacks
* their beds (second thoughts... not going to bring...)
* their toys
* the fence
* and their PASSPORTS!   yes, they each have their own passport... they need to check out and check in of home.... ahhahaha 


~米雪~ said...

wow... envy about u!!!
i do want to be out of town nei~~
where are u going this time?

enjoy yr trip~~^^

Ciyou said...

enjoy your trip~~

my family also have problems on where to put the dog when we go vacations

joanna said...

yay!! hope you have a wonderful time!! ^^

aileen :: motu said...

am going to london then barcelona... hope the weather will be ok.. heard that london has been raining...