Sunday, October 26, 2008

fun @ the zoo

i couldn't imagine that i would actually visit a zoo when i am in barcelona.
we did.  and on our first full day in barcelona.
it was quite funny, cos after we went inside, we had the following conversation:
M: "i couldn't believe we would be spending time @ the zoo when we haven't even been to the other famous tourist attractions..."
S: "it's on our way ma, it's ok."
M: "yeah, but still..."
S: "but i thought you wanted to come to the zoo?!"
M: "no.  i didn't say that."
S: "no, you did!  just now on the bus."
M: "no but whatever la...  we paid to get in already... "
S: "look over there!  zebras!"
....  and somotu started talking to the zebras.   
only one of them responded...  i.e. it walked up to somotu.
and our adventure @ the zoo started...

* penguins...  these four actually didn't move for all the time we were standing and watching them.
they look so silly and funny....  like mannequins.  or maybe they are posing for us so that we can take good pictures of them.

* this lone-trooper...  was standing all by himself on a rock.
i couldn't figure out what he was doing...  all his friends were on the other side.
or maybe it is a she ~ she is looking at the mirror *the reflection in the pond*, checking her look.

* in this zoo, not only will you find adults and kids walking and wandering around,
you will also keep bumping into the peacocks.
the peacocks are let to wander freely around the zoo ~ they are not kept behind fences!
i was following them around and i guess they spend all of their time looking for food...  
people would be handing them bits of bread....  
guess this won't happen if we have a zoo in HK, cos next thing you know, people will be kidnapping them for various reasons..... you know what i mean.
* this one is the prettiest one i saw.... all white.  in fact i never knew there are peacocks with white feathers before i saw this one!

* i really pity him....  look at how bored he is.  kept behind the glass window.
actually most of the chimps chimps, gorillas and monkeys in this zoo look as bored as this one.
i wonder who's better off:  animals living inside the zoo v.s. animals running in the wild.
the former:: no freedom but protected, well-fed and well-taken care of.
the later:: 100% freedom but need to fight for survival.
artificial v.s. natural.


Ciyou said...

Haha.... But visiting zoo is quite fun. I like visiting zoo of our neighbour country - singapore. Tons of performance and show to watch.

No peacocks will be wondering at Malaysia zoo too.... all will be gone soon.

joanna said...

i think i haven't visited a zoo for a long time!! hope the weather gets cooler soon and i can take siu momo to the zoo or ocean park!!

aileen :: motu said...

i wanna join!