Friday, October 17, 2008

covent garden & 茶餐廳

our next stop was the covent garden.
we went there by walk.  we actually wanted to take the tube but when we were buying tickets, the ticket lady said it is within walkable distance and told us to walk there!  very nice of her (tube's fare is by far the most expensive we have experienced, compared to paris and barcelona) but am sure the tube company would think otherwise! was a bit lost at first but we managed to find it.

on our way, we passed by chinatown and the other districts like leicester square, piccadilly circus. we saw a lot of "cha chan tang" 茶餐廳 in chinatown and somotu actually wanted to eat in one of them!  i couldn't imagine us eating *fake* chinese food in london so i said to somotu that perhaps we should walk a bit more and see what other interesting food places could we find until we settled for chinese food. 

covent garden was very crowded (even on a thurs)...  lots of people wandering on the streets, the sidewalk cafes were full of people, there were also bands and other performers along the streets...  plus the good weather, felt very nice.

by this time, somotu had gotten really hungry, so we walked around a bit and finally settled down for paella (stir-fried seafood rice) @ the covent garden market. it was very yummy...

afterwards, we walked around the area and shopped a little (mainly to get souvenirs for friends)....  not long, somotu was so jet-lagged that we had to head back to the hotel.  i wasn't jet-lagged at all, but my legs were really tired cos of all the walking done.... felt like they would come off at any minute! 

at night, we went out again...  back to piccadilly circus which looks even prettier at night with all the neon lights.  have tried to take pictures with my digicam but the pics didn't come out too nice, too dark...  somotu has taken some nicer ones with his camera.

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joanna said...

good that you have held somotu back from the china town food! better not waste the space in the stomach!! ^^

oh i could imagine the nice walk and the relaxing mood...ah...*deep breath*!!