Tuesday, October 21, 2008

coffee addict

of all the things, i think barcelona has the best cup of coffee in the world (actually in *my small world*).

just pop into any cafes or even the fast food places, guarantee that you can sip from a cup of superb coffee.  oh, and stay away from the well-known chain coffee places like starbucks...  the quality and taste are nowhere near the authentic local cafes.  even burger king serves better coffee!!  i had definitely drank more coffee than water or any other beverages during the trip... 

and a little trick i have picked up by watching how one cafe prepared the coffee ~ add vanilla essence and green tea powder..... soooooooo yummy.....  last sunday, i have bought myself these two ingredients.  haven't got a chance to make my own version yet...  hope it will taste just as good.


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