Saturday, October 18, 2008

casa batllo

we went to this place 3 times during our visit.
once when we just arrived at the city and walked along the streets in the catalunya area;
2nd time, actually went inside;
3rd time, went back to see what's it like in the night.

* a coral looking ceiling light and spirals

* the glass window 

* another ceiling light

* one of the windows inside 

* the hallway ~ i like it... all white

* the funny shaped objects on the roof top.  it was said that gaudi created these to resemble a saint (forgot the name of the saint...) killing the dragon.  and that the white mask-look-alike balconies in front of the building are the skulls of the dragon's victim. 

it was not a day with clear blue sky... quite gloomy actually, as seen in this photo.

* at night

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