Friday, October 17, 2008

buckingham palace

we started our 2nd day (10th oct) in london with the buckingham palace. 

we went there by bus ~ yeah ~ a double decker one and we got to sit on the upper deck which has an open top.
it was very windy up there...  my hair was all over my face and i felt like my head was going to blown away... haha..
on our way to the palace, we passed by a huge park ~ hyde park.
at the stop in front of the park, was this ice-cream stall.
it is the cutest little ice-cream stall i have ever seen...  just like those in the cartoons.
took this picture from the upper deck of the bus.

then we finally arrived at the palace::

one of the things in london i have noticed is that, whenever and wherever you look up to the sky, there will either be planes flying across the sky or the streaks of white *clouds* (just like drawing in the sky with a big brush) left behind by the planes.....  as seen in all these pictures...  there was at one time when i saw two planes getting very close to each other, drawing a cross in the sky....

it was quite early when we got there but there were already A LOT of people surrounding the was quite a funny scene... cos these people were standing really close to the iron bars around the palace, a lot of them were even holding onto the bars with both hands.  hmmm, we thought, there must be something really interesting going on behind those bars....  we tried to swim into the sea of crowds, but we saw nothing but just two guards (dressed in traditional gear) standing in front of the doors of the palace...  weird, we thought... what's so interesting with these guards....??? 

as soon as we have taken enough pictures, we headed back to the bus stop.   
we started chatting with a bus staff and he asked why are we leaving so early? it was then we found out that those people were waiting for the changing of guards which was going to start soon!!!  hahahaha, no wonder! silly us, why would people waste time staring at guards who doesn't move?  but we decided to leave anyways, we weren't particularly keen on the changing of guards...  well, unless the queen herself actually comes out to greet all of us.... 

oh and the bus staff asked whether they were lots of people around the palace... and we said yes... then he tried to imitate those people, by acting like a monkey holding onto the bars... he looked very funny...

it was also said that one can tell whether the queen is actually in the palace or not by a flag outside the palace. if the flag is up, it means the queen is inside.  don't think i saw the flag.

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