Friday, October 17, 2008

the british museum

upon our arrival in london (9th oct), our first stop was the british museum.
it was quite early in the morning and therefore, no long lines yet.

the entrance of the museum,
yes, it was a super nice and sunny day.
very strange...  for the times i have been to london, the weather had always been dull and groomy.
(maybe cos they were all work related??! hahaha)
i wasn't expecting this type of weather and such clear and blue sky!
even clearer and bluer than hk's.

the roof top at the entrance of the museum.

one of the many columns inside the museum.

the hall which i find to be most interesting, is the one on ornaments and decoration pieces.
i like no. 36 and 37 a lot ~ lily of the valley, my favorite type of flower.

frankly, the rest of the items on exhibition are, to me, quite boring..... zzzzzzzzzzzz
i prefer art museums to history museums.

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joanna said...

really nice sunny weather!! not even a cloud in the sky!!