Sunday, October 26, 2008

backyard of the cathedral

the barcelona cathedral::
i personally think this cathedral is worth visiting as much as the famous sagrada familia because of its magnificent gothic architecture, delicately sculptured choir and side chapels.  and especially if you are a religious person ~ the ambience made me feel very peaceful and calm.

* the backyard of the barcelona cathedral.

* i first thought this was some sort of a sculpture or decoration for the fountain.  it didn't move at all.
then all of a sudden, while i was taking pictures of the fountain, like all other visitors, we suddenly heard a very loud "arrrkkkk" noise.  we looked around and found out that it was from this goose!  it is actually a real goose! right after it made the noise, it resumed this strange but funny posture ~ sleeping while standing on one leg!
one visitor said "i have never seen a goose standing on one leg!  he must think he is a flamingo!"
i think so too....

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