Tuesday, October 7, 2008

the baby shower

last saturday, went to a friend's baby shower.
she is my closest friend from college.

sometimes, i think life is full of surprises and blessings.
after our graduation, i came back to HK while she stayed in the US.
we lived our different lives and as time passed, correspondence between us became less frequent...
just when i thought i might not see her in person any time soon, it turned out that her husband re-located to HK for work....
so we were re-united again..  and not just that, it also turned out that she lives quite close to where i am!

back to the baby shower, we were going round the room to introduce ourselves and how we got to know janet.
when it came to my turn, flashbacks and memories of our college life came rushing back...  
* we came to know each other in one of the engineering 101 classes
* how we both started off majoring in engineering and ended up with something closer to economics and finance
* our days in NYC during the spring breaks
* how we survived the super super cold weather and heavy snow
* times spent in the library studying for exams, doing homework, eating bagels & salads (our non-stop struggle with dieting) and chatting away
~ those were the days

then there were the baby shower games::
* guessed the no. of candies in a milk bottle
* memory game: given 5 seconds to remember the different sort of baby goodies placed in the tray
* mommy's waistline ~ guessed how many squares of toilet paper would it take to go round mommy's waistline
* what's in the diaper ~ sniffed (or tasted!) the *stuff* spread over each of the diapers and guessed what kind of food was placed in each diaper
* the cotton balls game ~ each person was blindfolded and given 15 seconds to scoop as much cotton balls with a spoon from one bowl to another

~ i got the no. of candies right!!!  yeah!  and i was the only one who got it right... hahaha... no, it wasn't pure guessing, i did a bit of math!!!  i was an engineer after all... hahaha...
~ was the 2nd person who scooped the most cotton balls
~ i must say the *what's in the diaper* game was kind of "scary"... i wasn't really prepared to "eat" from a diaper!  i think most of the food were baby food...  i only got one right:: vanilla pudding...  got the rest wrong!  i guess i am not ready to be a mom yet!
hahaha... no prizes...  but lots of fun indeed.

p.s. after the baby shower, went straight to porpor's house for dinner....  then i started to get really sick.... weird but luckily i didn't pass my flu to anyone.

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Anonymous said...

never do I join any baby shower before. I cannot imagine there are so many games in the party ... looking forward to joining your baby shower party... hohoho

did sabe and I meet with Janet before. I remembered you introduce one of your college friend to me long time ago... is that Janet?