Friday, October 31, 2008

a belated halloween *BOO*

here, spooky dooky....

yes, i am lazy... recycling old stuff.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

♡ 私はレースを愛する ♡

i figure that since i ♡ lace so much, i should learn more about it....

so i got myself a book, "story of european lace".
got it for quite some time already, but it was only until recently that i finally have the time to *read* it.
the reason i say *read* is because it is in japanese...  so it is not really *reading* but more like *looking*.

i could have gotten one in english or chinese but this one is too pretty to pass, hehe...  i am so vain.
it's not too bad, there are plenty of 漢字; together with my limited knowledge of japanese and a bit of guessing... i think i can manage to *look* through...

there are quite a number of good recommendations in the book ~ lace workshop, lace shops, boutiques in japan...  will share them here after i have a better reading...

besides learning more about lace, i want so much to be able to *make* my own lace as well.
awhile ago, i got a DIY tatting project pack.  *sigh* but the instructions look really really super super complicated....  just reading through the instructions gave me a big enough headache....  maybe i should give it another try?!

my sweet ♡s

after a long day of work, nothing is sweeter than the greetings from my sweet ♡s.
the jumping and hopping, non-stop shaking of the tails.... all at the same time as soon as i step into the house.
their greetings each night can surely soothe my mind.

sometimes at work, when i am too troubled, too frustrated, too annoyed with work & people,
i will start picturing them in my mind.  

some of the images in my mind are:
* sugar the poopoo's super chunky limbs ~ so fat, rounded and cute... (sometimes i can't help but want to *bite* them, hehe)..

* her innocent little look...

* brownie the poopoo's smiling face

* chewing his smelly banana...

i wish i could bring them to work with me every day!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

playing with the sun

* sunlight falling over the two hearts...

* sunlight falling over the two hearts, then falling over the poopoos.....

i find capturing sunlight and shadows with a camera very interesting...
i like the effect ~ indirect and hazy and open to imagination.
though the challenge is to have enough sunlight to create the shadow
but not so strong that it becomes blinding.
lately, the sky hasn't been that clear and therefore there hasn't been enough sunlight.
sunny days, please show up soon so i can have some more fun.

p.s. brownie the poopoo got such small eyes in this picture. looks like an old man. probably the sunlight is too strong for him...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

wish list item #2 ~ received

i must admit that i got a bit out of control when i was reading through felissimo's catalogue.
there are quite a number of zakka items which i have longed for but couldn't find them in HK.

lace monogram is on the top of my list.
i have tried asking a number of different shops in HK but none of them carry such things...  there was one which was willing to order for me but at a premium!  

then i saw these lovely monograms in the catalogue ~ was sooooo happy and ordered them right away!
the only problem is, as usual, i can't pick and choose....
i want the initial *A*...  but my luck would be at the mercy of felissimo.
sure enough, when i received my order last week, the set i got was *B*, *O* and *F*,
no *A*!

but i can't really complain.  at least no more searching.  i will just need to keep ordering until luck strikes me!
meanwhile i can use the other initials for friends....  

...  and i really like the design of the packaging, so pretty as usual.

oh, maybe i can do a swap with someone who has also ordered this set but didn't get the desired initials?  
i can swap mine for *A* and *C*.... ^_^

Monday, October 27, 2008

turning around a disaster

i always have the flash button of my polaroid *off*. when i was using it for the first time after we returned home from our trip, strange things happened.

i was taking pictures of the little goodies from joanna at home, the first polaroid came out like this:

* almost blank. can barely see the shape of the goodies.
i was scratching my head....

the first thing that came to my mind was, did the x-ray at the hand-carry inspection @ london/barcelona ruin my film and polaroid?
but it couldn't be right cos it worked perfectly fine during the trip. i surely had the polaroid went thru the x-ray at the inspection checkpoint in hk...

so i took a 2nd picture... this one was worse than the first one. TOTALLY blank, all white.
strange, i examined the polaroid thoroughly... then i saw the flash was *on*. huh! probably why!?
on top of the flash, the background was too bright and white, the goodies were also white... the result:: ALL WHITE.
(but i didn't see any *flash* when i took the two pictures, strange)... and couldn't figure out why the flash was *on*.

wasted two polaroids. not! could not trash them!
so i decided to *make* one.
* this is the first *handmade* polaroid ~ the one which was totally blank originally.
* i used a jelly pen in gold to draw and glued pieces of scrap book material plus lace to it....
* the jelly pen did not *eat* into the polaroid that well... it took a long time for the ink to dry, the ink was *running* around the surface and didn't want to *sit* still. should try another pen next round.

now i need to think of what to do with the other almost blank one.
welcome any suggestions! and yes, i know, it is very silly.

wish list item #1 ~ arrived!

i have wanted something like this, this and this for awhile.
it would be a nice addition to my little zakka room and i could place little zakka items in it as decoration.
but i haven't came across something similar in hk ~ and i did think of making my own when i passed by shops selling wood plates nearby home.
then!  in the latest felissimo's catalogue, i saw something similar!  
wow wow wow.....  i was so happy and excited and ordered it right away!
arrived last week, now i need to think about decorating it....  will take me some time...   

Sunday, October 26, 2008


i looked up the meaning of bibelot,
it means a small object of curiosity, beauty, or rarity; a small decorative object.

now i can see why this shop is called bibelot
~ all the little items inside are *bibelot*

i guess in my dictionary, it is equivalent to *zakka*

you won't believe how many times i have visited this little shop 
but only found disappointment each time.
i think i have been to the shop for no less than 10 times
but only found it to be closed each time.
and each time, i would be standing in front of the shop windows, staring at and admiring the little items.
wishing i could be inside.

today is the n-th time, and luck strike me!
after having tea with the girls, we went to the mall...  i wasn't hopeful that it would be opened today.
but it was!!!

gosh, and we were so busy checking this and that out.... and especially me, i kept telling the shop owner how many times i have visited her shop but only to find it closed; checking out each and every corner of her shop and how i like this and that in her shop. for a moment, i thought i was going to scare her.  i guess she must have been asked a thousand times about the items in her shop, as she wasn't annoyed with all our questions.  she told us about how she managed to find all these items from all over the world, how unique each piece is, etc....

so what is this shop about?  it's all about vintage and unique accessories plus decorative household items::
~ vintage earrings, handmade necklaces, brooches, bracelets, etc...
~ decorative glass plates, vintage perfume bottles, bowls, jewelry boxes, etc...

we spent almost 2 hours in the shop ~ yeah and strangely enough, my cold seemed to have disappeared during these 2 hours!  it was only when i got back home that the cold caught me again...  i guess shopping is the cure to all diseases!!!!  

and yes, each one of us dropped $$ in the shop...  will wait till there is good sunlight to take pictures of what i have got.

and of course, i will definitely return...  there are so many things i like but are not for sale right now....
the shop owner said a lot of the items are quite difficult to find and therefore she would only sell them when she find substitutes or something similar...  and almost each item i asked, she said there are already a lot of other customers who wanted to put a name to the item... i guess whoever is persistent will *win*!!! 

as i had my polaroid with me today, i asked the owner whether i could take pictures of her shop.... 

* a lace scarf and a handmade lace necklace (it's a little purse)
* inside the cupboards at the back are vintage wallets, watches, clutches, hairbands....

* i love the ceiling light ~ it's made of glass with carved flowery pattern.  shop owner said we can try our luck in japan....
* a map of paris on the wall
* vintage lace collar (not for sale right now) and dried flowers on the other side of the wall

i want to bring the whole shop home!

an afternoon for catching up

it's been quite awhile since i last spent quality time with sabe and kae.
this afternoon, we had a good time playing catch-up (despite my cold...).
the usual topics among us are work, family & other halves, shopping and general silly things....
it's been harder and harder to get together with the girls,
as every one of us is busy with our own lives, own families & friends and other halves...
but i do enjoy the moments we spent together.

it's finally out!

while i was getting ivana's latest album
(this is not her album cover, it's just a silly thing of mine),

i saw the latest project of marc collin ~ hollywood, mon amour
this time, 80's classic movie theme songs with bossa nova make over..
am listening to it now, it's simply great. 

other corners of barcelona

* a fountain in the busy district of catalunya, right in front of the shop, zara.

* looking outside from the window of our hotel room

backyard of the cathedral

the barcelona cathedral::
i personally think this cathedral is worth visiting as much as the famous sagrada familia because of its magnificent gothic architecture, delicately sculptured choir and side chapels.  and especially if you are a religious person ~ the ambience made me feel very peaceful and calm.

* the backyard of the barcelona cathedral.

* i first thought this was some sort of a sculpture or decoration for the fountain.  it didn't move at all.
then all of a sudden, while i was taking pictures of the fountain, like all other visitors, we suddenly heard a very loud "arrrkkkk" noise.  we looked around and found out that it was from this goose!  it is actually a real goose! right after it made the noise, it resumed this strange but funny posture ~ sleeping while standing on one leg!
one visitor said "i have never seen a goose standing on one leg!  he must think he is a flamingo!"
i think so too....

fun @ the zoo

i couldn't imagine that i would actually visit a zoo when i am in barcelona.
we did.  and on our first full day in barcelona.
it was quite funny, cos after we went inside, we had the following conversation:
M: "i couldn't believe we would be spending time @ the zoo when we haven't even been to the other famous tourist attractions..."
S: "it's on our way ma, it's ok."
M: "yeah, but still..."
S: "but i thought you wanted to come to the zoo?!"
M: "no.  i didn't say that."
S: "no, you did!  just now on the bus."
M: "no but whatever la...  we paid to get in already... "
S: "look over there!  zebras!"
....  and somotu started talking to the zebras.   
only one of them responded...  i.e. it walked up to somotu.
and our adventure @ the zoo started...

* penguins...  these four actually didn't move for all the time we were standing and watching them.
they look so silly and funny....  like mannequins.  or maybe they are posing for us so that we can take good pictures of them.

* this lone-trooper...  was standing all by himself on a rock.
i couldn't figure out what he was doing...  all his friends were on the other side.
or maybe it is a she ~ she is looking at the mirror *the reflection in the pond*, checking her look.

* in this zoo, not only will you find adults and kids walking and wandering around,
you will also keep bumping into the peacocks.
the peacocks are let to wander freely around the zoo ~ they are not kept behind fences!
i was following them around and i guess they spend all of their time looking for food...  
people would be handing them bits of bread....  
guess this won't happen if we have a zoo in HK, cos next thing you know, people will be kidnapping them for various reasons..... you know what i mean.
* this one is the prettiest one i saw.... all white.  in fact i never knew there are peacocks with white feathers before i saw this one!

* i really pity him....  look at how bored he is.  kept behind the glass window.
actually most of the chimps chimps, gorillas and monkeys in this zoo look as bored as this one.
i wonder who's better off:  animals living inside the zoo v.s. animals running in the wild.
the former:: no freedom but protected, well-fed and well-taken care of.
the later:: 100% freedom but need to fight for survival.
artificial v.s. natural.

the market place of barcelona

although the works of gaudi are very very impressive,
i found the market-place more interesting...
i guess it's probably true that,
the least expectations bring the most surprises.

it is very crowded but yet orderly.
with different stalls selling a wide spectrum of things,
from fruit juices to wine;
from raw meat to seafood restaurants; 
from fresh eggs to cooking spices...
* this one is all chocolate ~ was very tempted to buy some but wasn't sure if i could bring them home safely without ruining their shapes.. or melting... so decided not to get any in the end.

* these are candies!  in interesting packaging like burger king's french fries!

* fruit juice...  when i first saw this stall, i thought they were iced lollipops!

* more candies!  disguised as cherries and apples...

* a mountain of fresh fruits

* an interesting signage ~ save water, drink wine!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


MNAC is Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya.
it was very early when we got there and hence very few people.
the museum is situated on a hill and has a very nice overlook of the city...

* a peaceful scene

* side-way stairs leading to MNAC

* nice lights and chandeliers inside ~ i like chandeliers, wish i could have one at home

* a huge organ in one of the halls ~ when it is played, it must sound very grand and solemn

energy booster

received a doze of positive energy on friday... amidst all the doom and the gloom;
thanks so much for bringing these and lunch (& of course the coffee ~ from my favorite place) over, joanna
and you should be proud that i finished the whole sandwich (as i have a bad habit of not finishing up my meals)!
you really made my day.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

things do happen for a reason...

... i think so.  i would like to think so.  or else it would be really difficult to get through at times like these.

at least at times when i can't figure out why certain things happened or when things seem to be so unfair, i tend to feel better if i think there is a greater reason behind all these....

sometimes i wonder why certain people have all the luck in the world whilst some seem to have to struggle badly to just barely manage to get by each day. and yes, i sometimes think life is unfair.  i know it is negative energy but it's hard not to think like this.

last sunday, the movie Forrest Gump was being showed on TV again.  it's not the first time i watched it but every time i watch it, there are certain scenes that would either make my eyes teary or give me a lump in the throat.  it's a meaningful movie to me. there are a few liners which i tell myself to remember.  though i can't remember the exact words, one of the liners was at the scene when Forrest's mother is dying and she tried to explain to Forrest about life and death, it goes something like this: "you've got to live the best out of what is given to you"....  surely Forrest did.

i've got to live the best out of what is given to me.  though there are many things that i dislike and complain about myself and about my life, these things happened for a reason.  maybe they are for me to learn to overcome them or to live in peace with them, so that i can grow into a better person, so that i can be more forgiving, so that i can take care of and love the people around me more....  and to move on with life.                         

a piece of *cake*

i wish life is as sweet and as easy as a piece of *cake*

i had a really rough day today,
i should treat myself to some sweeties....
you are welcome to share!

the present sentiment looks dim.  the global economy is deteriorating...  and it's just the beginning.  looks like tough times are here to stay, for quite some time...

@@@@@@@@@  there is much i want to say but don't know how to express it....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

flowers for you

flowers for you....  hope you all will have a good day tomorrow!

this flower stall is on la rambla...
la rambla is like the *women's street* in MK of HK.  
it is a very very long street (runs from the busy shopping district of catalunya all the way down to Port Vell at the seaside), 
it is always crowded (even during daytime on weekdays),
and it has many little stalls along the entire street.

the only difference is that la rambla is cleaner and more organized.
as you walk down the street, you will notice that it is actually divided into sections (unofficially, cos there are no signs differentiating the different sections), 
the street begins with stalls selling birdies, chickens (they were *coo-koo-ing even at night time!) and bird cages, 
the next section has many flower stalls,
then followed by stalls selling flower and plants' seeds,
next is a section with artists selling their work, drawing portraits of tourists.

among all the flower stalls, the one in the polaroid above is the nicest one i saw....

an early christmas wish

... my dream room...

it would be really nice to have such a spacious and antique looking working space all to myself.
i love the old-fashioned sewing machine.
and it would be super handy to have the ironing board standby... without having have to take out and put away every time i need to use it or done with it...
spacious enough for all my tools, materials, zakka, etc....  
a wooden cupboard to keep all my books,
with such a setting, i will never *forget* about items i have gotten but forgotten cos i couldn't find or see them!  
and of course be tidy and neat all the time!
if i can have a quiet working space all to myself, it will be my perfect hideaway and indulgence into music that i would like play....

this would be my christmas wish...  

btw, this is the maid's working room of the apartment @ la pedrera in barcelona...  the maid's bedroom is quite nice too!

*hand letter* for sabe

sabe, it is very difficult to get *hand letters* for you....
so i took these pictures for you instead.
~~~ seagulls, your love ~~~

hahaha, actually i do have sth for you.... hahahaha

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

something to look forward to

we are not frequent travelers....
i guess probably because we are not the type that are keen to look for non-stop adventures and excitement,
and especially more so after we got the poopoos ~ it is very hard to be separated from them....
however, we do try to have a long haul journey once a year.
i think this once a year thing makes the trip more special and gives us something to look forward to.
we are not in a hurry to see all the places in the world....  
am enjoying it bit by bit.
and if we live long enough, we may be able to see all the places we would love to see with our own eyes...
and it would be perfect if the poopoos can join us ~ i kept saying in our recent trip that i wish they were with us....