Sunday, September 28, 2008

weekend @ jazz cafe

these are some of my favorite collections on bossa nova.
got them one by one over a number of years...
all from tokyo.

whenever i go to tokyo, one of my rituals is to pay visits to the music shops.
cos they got a lot more varieties of jazz, bossa nova and alternative music then hk.
i can easily spend the whole morning or afternoon @ these music shops, sampling the albums freely.
(last year, i came to know of tower records @ flags..  it has an entire floor for jazz and alternatives!)

this weekend, i have been listening to *@jazz cafe white blend* non-stop...
as the cover suggests, it is bossa nova for the winter season... 
winter plus christmas = my favorite time of the year....
though it is still 30 something degrees outside, i felt like christmas in the house..
nice tracks from this album:
* moonlight in vermont ~ billie holiday
* l love paris ~ ella fitzgerald
* snowfall ~ the singers unlimited
* winter moon ~ stan getz
* wintersong ~ gerry mulligan & paul desmond
(months ago, i found out that the @jazz cafe collections can be bought here and shipped to hk!  though shipping is expensive...)

i think it is quite a pity that our home town allows very limited choices... it is always either the local K songs or those teenage idol singers...
it would be nice if there are more space and allowance for the "alternatives".   this place would then be less boring.

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Ciyou said...

the cover itself looks so beautiful, I thought it was a book...