Sunday, September 28, 2008

so nice & soothing

thanks thanks thanks again...
this is perfect!  
my lips are always chapped and dry, especially when i am in the office...
you never fail to amaze me with all your skills and talent!
i think i will stop getting lip balms from the stores from now on,
cos i know yours are 100% natural and safe!


~米雪~ said...

wow... homemade lip blam?!

joanna said...

you're most welcome!! hehe

oh the lipbalm looks so good in your picture!! ^^

next time, let's make them together!!

aileen :: motu said...

yes it would be really fun to make things together!!! reminds me of my high school days in which we would have Domestic Science class ~~ teaming up with friends in the class to cook and sew!