Thursday, September 11, 2008

the little struggle

my vanity case... it's been with me for quite a number of years now.
it's my friendly assistant ~~ helping me to keep vanity goodies like sunscreen, foundation, face powder, mascara, etc neat and tidy.
the other day, i saw these... pretty and lovely!
and my little struggle started...
should i or should i not *get a new one*???
after a couple of days and some serious thinking, i decided to be *good*...
my twin stars one is still in very good condition and this particular case is not something one can find easily in shops nowadays anymore...  it's becoming an antique in itself...
i decided to be loyal and passed on the other ones.... 

talking about being vain with these vanity goodies...
somotu likes to describe me as a "little painter",
somotu thinks i am like a painter who draws and paints every morning.
drawing the same things every morning: eyes, ears, mouth, nose and cheeks
on the same piece of drawing paper: the big round pizza-shaped face

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