Monday, September 22, 2008

just being random

another few shots taken on saturday...
no theme, just being random


~米雪~ said...

u bought that dress!!!
i want to buy but it's too expensive..
i think u will look good in it!!!

aileen :: motu said...

oh no no... this is just the top... i was told that the dress is all sold out (the shop at luen hop)... when did you go?? ^__^

~米雪~ said...

oh... i still saw the OP when i went to the shop in luen hop...
i was thinking to buy it or not since it's a bit costy..
but it was sold out very soonnnnn..

hee... we should find some time to shop together... huh

aileen :: motu said...

yes it is indeed a bit crazy! their stuff are sold out so quickly!

let's go together! when things cool down a bit on my end (work wise), let's find time to go!