Monday, September 1, 2008

The health check

so, on sunday, we took the poopoos to the vet.  it was mainly for the vaccination.  felt so ashamed cos we have not been very good parents ~ kept forgetting about the rabies (which is required every three years) and annual vaccination.  to make matters worse, we lost the vaccination record cards... 

of course we have some "valid" excuses.... shortly after brownie the poopoo turned one year old, he got really really sick.  he lost his appetite, kept vomiting and was short of energy.  he became a really skinny boy.  after many visits to the vet and blood tests, we were told that he might have gotten the Addison's disease.  it is a disease which requires life-long medication.  we were heart-broken...  painful to see him going through all the tests at such a young age, becoming so fragile and weak...  during the treatment, all we could do was fed him with whatever food that could stimulate his appetite (like bbq pork with rice, salty fish fried rice... as instructed by the vet!) so that he could maintain his weight and energy level and we gave him all our attention.  after over a month of treatment, we were told that his condition has improved and that whatever that has gotten him, has not fully developed into that disease.

because of this saga, we were advised to halt all the required vaccinations until brownie the poopoo fully regained his health....  then time passed, then sugar the poopoo came on board.... and we just forgot about the vaccinations!

so back to the health check on sunday...  dr.ian was very pleased with the condition of brownie the poopoo.  "no more bones!"... "well done" (to us!!!).... "good boy"... brownie the poopoo now weighs 9.4 lbs (as compared to barely 6 lbs when he was sick).  

on the other hand, sugar the poopoo is a bit too skinny... dr.ian kept saying "such a trim girl!" when examining her.  we were also told to pay attention to her cos her body temperature is 0.5 too high.  it may mean that her body is fighting against some virus, etc. though in my head, i was thinking "only 0.5 higher...  how serious can it get?"... but of course, we need to listen to the expert.  we will closely monitor her condition.

now, very important dates for the two of us to remember:
* brownie the poopoo: rabies and annual v. on aug-31-08.  next rabies v. is due aug-31-11 and next annual v. is due aug-31-09.
* sugar the poopoo: annual v. on aug-31-08.  next rabies v. is due jul-30-10 and next annual v. is due aug-31-09.

and lastly, i am proud of them... they didn't make a single sound or wink their eyes when dr.ian gave them the shot.  and especially so, when dr.ian said to us "well done!"... hohoho...

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super brave poopoos!!