Monday, September 1, 2008

For my goddaughter

the experiment was for this.
~~ a reversible little bag for my lovely goddaughter, san san.
*this side~side A* hand-stitched pattern.
can you tell what it is?
when i thought it was quite apparent, turned out not! hehehe...
it is actually the side of a girl, holding two balloons with her hand.
one of the balloons (the one on the right) was stitched so that i could cut out the fabric in the center.  
it's called the cutwork technique.
*reversed~side B* an over-sized pocket on the outside so that san san can just stick her little hand in for handy snacks.
when not reversed (side A), it can be used as an inner pocket to keep things separate and neat, e.g. snacks vs. tissue paper, etc..
*reversed~side C* plain, plain, plain...  maybe sometimes san san will want to stay low-key.... hehehe

this plain side is actually a wild idea...  i was being greedy and wanted to utilize every possible "face" of this little bag.
hope san san's mom will not be scared with such crazy creations (and the slightly off-centered button)...  hehehe....


ashlee 魚 said...

a square face girl with a big ribbon on hair... and letting the balloons go ?!!! hum...

Anonymous said...

this is a gorgeous creation and with so much love and care built in with it!! both san san and her ma-ma love it!! thank you, kite ma!! =)


sabe said...

what are you going to make for your godfriend?

aileen :: motu said...

huh? how come i didn't know i have a godfriend??? fai d tell me!!!! hahahaha

sabe said...

your god friend is me!

aileen :: motu said...

okok godfriend godfriend...
how should i call you?
契朋 or
契友 or
契老友 or