Monday, September 15, 2008

early christmas!!

i am really spoiled...
and i felt like it is christmas already...

cute little presents from dear joanna:

 a super super kawaii photo album...  not just any kind of photo album.
this one is especially sized for polaroids!
just when i am puzzling how to keep my polaroids, i got this!

 and what's more... each photo pocket is decorated with different patterns.. flowers, birdies, la tour eiffel....
i like it very very much!!

another present, a passport holder with one of my favorite icon!!!
this will be really handy for the upcoming trip!

and that's not all... all these lovely presents came in a wrapping that is hand-stamped and with a lace~y flower...
thanks again joanna!


~米雪~ said...

oh.... i love that polaroid photo album!!!
where can i get it?
i just bought some polaroid films and want to take photo for siu B nei... ^^

Anonymous said...

you are most welcome, aileen!! glad you like them!! =D


Ciyou said...

Thats beautiful.

I saw something like these album selling online, ... thinking to buy or not because I don't develop my photos