Tuesday, September 30, 2008

little dots*dots

playing with the buttons...

work tomorrow

but boss said i will be compensated...
i.e. get a day back

can't really complain, i guess

though a little voice inside me said,
"i rather not work and not having to be compensated!"

true too....

underneath the lights

am thinking of visiting the flower market again,
want to make some more dried hydrangea.....

Monday, September 29, 2008

complimentary items

thought the *many first~s* tote was a bit bare afterall,
so was trying to figure out what can go with it...

first,  i was struggling with the lace motifs...
was thinking of sewing one of them in between the handle...

... then i got a crazy idea,
i wanted to do an experiment
::an experiment with melted wax::

wasn't sure what would happen to the linen canvas when the melted wax cooled down.
and whether the seal would come right off from the canvas...

so this was how the experiment went::
1). carefully place a strip of lace on the linen canvas
2). use a lighter to melt the wax and let the melted wax drip over the lace and canvas
3). try to make a small circle with the dripping wax (large enough for the stamp)
4). then press the stamp over the melted wax to create the seal
5). DONE!

it worked out quite well, at least, the seal didn't fall off!
i was thinking of hanging it around the handle as a charm.....

a number of *first*s

managed to squeeze in some time for handmade pleasures over the weekend.
it's been quite a while since i last laid my hands over the sewing machine...
my fingers were getting a bit "unsettling"....

this is the first time i tried the following:
* using linen canvas as the body of the tote ~ sturdy!!
* using a large piece of lace for the body

* making a "non-flat-bag", 
i.e. this one has a couple inches wide bottom ~ more volume ~ can hold more stuff

* hand-sewed a double-sided handle ~ for added firmness
(it's actually quite painful to the fingertips when sewing,
cos the material of the handle is quite thick)

* lastly, a hand-stamped and hand-written little label sewed to the inside of the bag,
which says :: limited edition by motu 
(hahahaha... so silly...)

i will see if my mom will take this "latest~limited~edition~collection~from~motu"  

Sunday, September 28, 2008

so nice & soothing

thanks thanks thanks again...
this is perfect!  
my lips are always chapped and dry, especially when i am in the office...
you never fail to amaze me with all your skills and talent!
i think i will stop getting lip balms from the stores from now on,
cos i know yours are 100% natural and safe!

weekend @ jazz cafe

these are some of my favorite collections on bossa nova.
got them one by one over a number of years...
all from tokyo.

whenever i go to tokyo, one of my rituals is to pay visits to the music shops.
cos they got a lot more varieties of jazz, bossa nova and alternative music then hk.
i can easily spend the whole morning or afternoon @ these music shops, sampling the albums freely.
(last year, i came to know of tower records @ flags..  it has an entire floor for jazz and alternatives!)

this weekend, i have been listening to *@jazz cafe white blend* non-stop...
as the cover suggests, it is bossa nova for the winter season... 
winter plus christmas = my favorite time of the year....
though it is still 30 something degrees outside, i felt like christmas in the house..
nice tracks from this album:
* moonlight in vermont ~ billie holiday
* l love paris ~ ella fitzgerald
* snowfall ~ the singers unlimited
* winter moon ~ stan getz
* wintersong ~ gerry mulligan & paul desmond
(months ago, i found out that the @jazz cafe collections can be bought here and shipped to hk!  though shipping is expensive...)

i think it is quite a pity that our home town allows very limited choices... it is always either the local K songs or those teenage idol singers...
it would be nice if there are more space and allowance for the "alternatives".   this place would then be less boring.

i like this pen holder

it is made of fabrics in rose & stripe pattern...
i like it vm... thanks jenny
and sorry to having to interrupt your macau trip with my constant phone calls..

Friday, September 26, 2008

breaking the rule

i am breaking the house rule
i.e. NOT doing the laundry 

too tired, too late, too sleepy

and this is with the consent from the girls.

and thanks to the girls for a happy dinner..
what a nice way to wrap up a friday night.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

unauthorized dessert time!

brownie the poopoo:  "quick, quick, mommy is not looking.  let's take a bite at the chocolate banana cake!" 
sugar the poopoo: "no, we really shouldn't.  we are good babies, we should ask for permission first!"
B: "aiya, stop pretending!  i know you wanna taste it!"

S: "no, i am not touching it!"

B: "FINE!  you just stand there and watch.  i will have it ALL by myself!  hmm, where should i start?  hmm maybe the banana first..."

S: "HA!  mommy is coming this direction!  you're dead meat!"
B: "mommy walks so slowly... let me finish this slice of banana first..."

S: "mommy is really coming!!!"
B: "aiya...  the banana is so sticky!  i can't get it off my face!!!  help me sugar....."
S: "uh-oh, it's too late..."
mommy just came out from the bedroom,

S: "no, it was not me.  i didn't touch it at all."
B: ".................."

so, there goes the cake...  the slices of banana along the side of the cake have all came off...
it only lasted for a few days.
no more new toys for the poopoos ....  for now...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

work * just won't end

today, at work, is just as hectic as the previous days...

i was supposed to do some personal chores (including calling my mom & dad to check on them as they were both not feeling so well), but was too busy during the day and before i realized it was already too late in the day for me to do anything...

i am really looking forward to the weekend (touch wood, no more emergency, no more urgent requests please). please just leave me alone for a couple of days before next week starts again.

i was told that we will get a day back as compensation for working on the entire sunday last week.
one piece of good news, at least.  i will use it towards my upcoming break... hehe....

mind tuning

got this one couple of weeks ago...
helps to tune my mind back to normal!

heard about the new project of nouvelles vague's marc collin over the radio the other day...
the DJ played one of the featured tracks from this upcoming album...
again, marc collin is re-making some well-known melodies...  this time, it's about the 80's (if i heard it right)
looking forward to its release...

*A* at sunset

i think she needs some good company..
hang in there...
i will try to look for some...
perhaps a trip to tokyo will do!?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

typhoon no.8 again

was *forced* to leave office *earlier* because of typhoon no.8 tonight..
btw, what's the name of this one?

saw the heavy rain and wind 
heard the wind howling and pounding at the window in my room
(actually a bit scary cos i am on the 59th floor and there is a full window at my back)
thought would be wise to leave! 
(though me & my colleague were the last to leave the floor)

no taxi, actually there was one but got rejected...
so took the mtr
guess i missed the *peak hours* of people leaving earlier on a typhoon no.8 night
and therefore the train was pretty empty...

as i walked back home, the wind was sort of pushing me left and right
i was walking like a drunk person...

since i was able to get home *earlier*, i decided that i should also go to bed *earlier*
especially after the past couple of late nights...

so goodnight everyone...

p.s. i finally got the remote access to office desktop working...
so it means even if it is going to be typhoon no.8 or higher,
i still need to work as usual from home.
how *lucky* am i.

Monday, September 22, 2008

a birdie, a cage and a castle

in between the emails and conference calls on saturday, i picked up the tools and started carving..
i guess it was a way to release my stress...
i have wanted to make stamps of birds and bird cages,
but i didn't really know why i made a castle...
i think next project is to make a prince and princess...

just being random

another few shots taken on saturday...
no theme, just being random

started and stopped.... this

so this was
after taking these few pictures, i will have to put them away....
hmm, maybe i can use them as little scrap books or notebooks (in an odd shape, semi-circle)...

started and stopped

and i did start project no.4
somotu didn't like the idea, so it is now abandoned.
i will try to find time to take some pictures of the partially completed item....

Sunday, September 21, 2008

what a sunday (and saturday as well)?!

my nightmare actually started in the afternoon of this past saturday.
when i received the phone call from my boss.
there was an urgent request from the head office.
so there i was at the mtr station, almost yelling at the top of my lung cos too much background noise at the station...

after some 15 mins, got off the line, headed to the gate, went to the platform and got on a train.
i was still a bit dizzy from the conversation i just had... 
next thing i knew, i heard a voice saying "next station:: admiralty"...
it woke me up from my dizziness instantly!!!
i was supposed to go to prince edward!  
but instead i headed off in a totally opposite direction!

i quickly got up and left the train...
while calling somotu to let him know of this silliest thing, i got on to another train.

and that's not the end of it.
i heard another voice again,  this time it said "next station:: causeway bay"!!!
how could i be so silly!  got on the wrong train two times in a roll!!!
i called somotu again, and he said "then why don't you change your plan and go to causeway bay instead?"
but that's not where i wanted to go...
so i got off and finally, finally hopped on to the right train...

altogether i wasted 30 minutes of my time!!!  soooooooooo silly.

then, another round of work related phone calls and emails exchange started from 8pm to almost 2am..
i was really tired...

today, i got woke up by a call at 10:30am...  WORK again!!!

you could probably guess how i spent the rest of my sunday,
yup, i worked from 1pm to 12midnight...........
this is really crazy.......

putting all the frustration at work aside, three little things to be happy about:
1. at least i got company in the office as my colleague also came in to do that piece of work
2. boss was ok with us requesting for air-conditioning (actually if she hasn't allowed, we would have just paid for it ourselves so as not to get suffocated. besides, i couldn't imagine her saying no to us.)...  and guess how much this request is going to cost the firm? first, a handling fee of HKD250 will be charged... then, HKD200 per hour..  you can do the rest of the math.
3. the taxi driver who drove us back home was nice and polite (very hard to find polite people, not to mention polite taxi drivers, nowadays.  every one seems to be harsh and rude.  probably "contaminated" by all the noisy and crazy soap operas showing on the tv)...  and the best part was, he was listening to some chet baker sound-alike jazzy music...  so soothing...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

not a dummy one

somotu granted me special permission today...
the special permission is::
* can use his nice camera *

* click to enlarge photo ~ can then see the different between this nice one vs. my dummy one ~ much finer details *

it's fun..  adjusting this and that...
it is also tiring to my hands, especially my right wrist..
the camera is too heavy...
but for once, i feel like a professional camera-man... hahahaha

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Project no.1

so, i have started with the idea...

it is not really anything big or major...
just that i wanted to:
* have some sort of an easy reference / record of the different laces i have collected so far
* create "vintage"... it is kind of hard to find a variety of vintage lace at reasonable prices nowadays. so i was thinking, instead of finding vintage ones now, maybe i can "create" some for the future! some tens of years down the road, either myself or someone else would find these little things i have made as "vintage". and if i ever have a daughter, i will pass these on to them (poor daughter, get nothing like valuable diamonds nor jewelries, but just cardboards and lace from mommy.. hehehe)

each piece of card is different ~~ with different pieces of lace and stamps

a birdie for this one...
i love birdie patterns...

initial A for this one....

of course, how can i not have one with la tour eiffel!

pale pink lace... kinda difficult to find nowadays...

real lace and stamped lace...

another A

to complete each card, the year in which the laces were bought is stamped on the back of the card.

the project is on-going as i still have many laces which i need to create similar cards for, plus i can just see myself adding new members to the collection!

but i am running out of this pinkish cardboard... it has a nice pale pink color and is sturdy enough..
not sure if i can find similar ones in the stores...
and this particular one is actually from a catalogue. maybe i should ask the shop for more catalogues!