Thursday, August 14, 2008

Why *blog*?

what is the reason?
what is the driver?
why do i *blog* daily, even on days when i am already very tired and exhausted?
what do i get out from it?

came across the below which i think should answer the above questions for me:
* 寫網誌,並沒為着甚麼,只是為年輕時代劃上痕跡,為未來搜集從前的回憶。 *

i think so. i have thought of what would it be like when some 10 or 20 years down the road, i return to this blog and read pages after pages of:
* things i made
* things i liked
* thoughts i once had
* how time had been spent
* things that had happened to me, to my friends, to my family, to my poopoos, though sadly.. the poopoos won't be around by that time... =(
~~stop stop i don't want to think about that day~~
these pages would refresh my memory... as after the many years, there would be things about me that have changed, things that i have forgotten..

and what do i get out from blogging? for sure, it has opened my eyes as it takes me around the world and brings me into the lives of many others whether we share common interests or not, whether we know each other or not... and definitely, connect me with people whom i might not have been very close to before and those whom i did not even know before.... though some closer than others, i see them all as my friends now... how magical.

and lastly... i hope my blog would not be trashed, deleted after the many years... hmm.. maybe i should start printing all these pages and binding them into a book... haha...


~米雪~ said...

no need to think too much~~

i write blog just becoz i want to share my ups and downs w/ my frds... esp my happiness~~^^

aileen :: motu said...

... think and analyze too much! =)

Anonymous said...

i had those questions too...and often think maybe no one read my blog, etc...i didn't use to blog every day before i have siu i treat it as a diary for myself and my baby and don't care if no one reads it really =)

oh you can print them into a book by i plan to do that but no time yet...~~


aileen :: motu said...

wow! thx for letting me know about! will explore that...

yes... i can see how it is like a diary to witness the growth of siu momo... it will be a precious memory for you as well as siu momo. when she is old enough, i am sure she will appreciate all that you have done for her as she reads thru the pages..