Saturday, August 2, 2008

Too instantaneous...

so far, have only taken these with the polariods... not too many.
a few of them:

this one is taken by somotu...
i am not very good at capturing the depth, light and adjusting the focus... need more practicing.
too instantaneous... sometimes, without knowing, i have already pressed on the button for the photo to come rushing out.  
fat fingers i got!
... and another carrier made for the 2nd polaroid..

today's weather is really fine...  should try to take some outdoors pics.


~米雪~ said...

i am the same as you!!
i am not good at shooting foto...
i always press the button without thinking too much... huh~~

p.s. the polaroid's carrier is so lovely! you can make some more for sale~~^^

ashlee 魚 said...

hey aileen,
they reasons attract me to your blog is your photo for no. 1, and your DIY stuff for no.2 :P

i just want to say your photos are indeed very good, 好有felt架.

aileen :: motu said...

both of you are too kind... ^_^

Anonymous said...

totally agree with the selling of the polaroid bags!! i would rush to buy one!! ^__^


aileen :: motu said...

hahaha joanna... i am sure you can make much better ones! :D