Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sugar's 1st disciplinary lesson

Date:  13 November 2006
Time:  22:21:22
Location:  The Supreme Court
Judge: Honorable motu
Chief prosecutor:  Somotu
Defendant #1:  Brownie the poopoo; "i didn't do it.  it was her!"
Defendant #2:  Sugar the poopoo; "eeee... i am new... i don't know the rules...."
The charge:  pee-pee'd on the sofa
The verdict:  Sugar has already learned all the house rules on her first day of arrival, should have known better; Brownie being the big brother should have stopped little sister from her wrong doing.
Disciplinary action: stand in the naughty corner for 15 minutes
sugar the poopoo with her head low.....  
brownie the poopoo trying to slide down with his front right leg.  "Back up, stand up straight!" yelled the Chief Prosecutor.
the two poopoos starting to loose focus.  looking right and left.  "Add another 5 minutes to the punishment!" yelled the Chief Prosecutor.
a close up of the found guilty poopoos.
brownie the poopoo started to doze off.... while the punishment continued.


kaekae said...

they really changed a lot arr... especially the color arr...

i like sugar when she is small (like doesn't mean not scare)

ashlee 魚 said...

the gulity look of sugar is soooo cuteQQQ
did u laugh when you saw that?

betbet said...

oh poor sugar.....auntie baybay will give you a big hug on sunday...

aileen :: motu said...

hahaha... yes i wanted to LOL so much! but at that time, i needed to pretend to be very angry! so i was biting my lips while i was putting up an angry face!

ashlee 魚 said...

yes.. that's what i was thinking... u should be trying very hard not to laugh...poodle is such a lovely dog.