Sunday, August 31, 2008

Relieved... felt good

this weekend, i completed a number of tasks which were meant to be done long time ago.  i kept postponing them for no good reasons. but i felt good now... felt like a couple of pounds were lifted from my shoulders...  relieved.

*task #1* checked the procedure for making insurance claims.  got the claim forms and have handed them to mom.

*task #2* took the poopoos to the vet.  checked their record and was told that their annual injection was way overdue.  did all that was necessary.

*task #3* paid my overdue visit to the dentist.  all i can say is that it was not the most pleasant visit.  i will be good and keep my visit to every nine months (instead of years) from now on...

*task #4* dropped off some clothing to the dry cleaner.

*task #5* have a dress altered... (sadly, it is becoming a bit tight... wuu wuu..)

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