Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Let's accessorize!

couple weeks ago, my cousin was in town...
and i was tasked with the important mission: accompany her to shop.
what an important and DANGEROUS task!
though there was no way i could surpass her "accomplishment"...  i did made some accomplishment.
all accessories: earrings, necklaces and bracelet....
and i must admit, i am not really a big accessory person (i used to be, but not anymore...)
some of the stuff i got:
* an all white necklace with antique-look keys, tour eiffel and a fake gem stone
* got it because i think i can dissemble it when i grew tired of it and use each of these little parts for different projects...  re-cycle!

* a lace-y plastic bracelet
* again, when i grew tired of it as a bracelet, i can use it as a handle for totes, bags, etc... re-cycle!  how economical!!!  how eco-friendly!!!!!

this 一物兩 concept is, actually, quite dangerous.  i can just see myself rationalizing my shopping urge all the time.....  hahahaha....


Anonymous said...

oh i love that necklace and bangle!! i NEED to go to that mall with you!! hahah!!


ashlee 魚 said...

what a good excuse!
i should have learn from you!