Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Indulging myself

how nice would it be ~ to bury my head into all the nice, pretty and soft fabrics...

this morning, had a meeting with two visitors from the NY office.
they wanted to understand how our team does ^&*.

so, there i was, explaining to them:
"on a daily basis, we receive this report.  our team goes over the report, row by row, determines what is the @#$, takes out all the noise, calculates what is the actual +^# and takes the necessary action."

while in my head, i was thinking: how nice would it be if the conversation goes like this instead:
"on a daily basis, i receive tailor-made orders from my clients.  i go over my stack of fabrics and materials, piece by piece, determine what is the best coordination, take out all the necessary tools, calculate what is the actual yards/meters/inches of material needed and start cutting and sewing."

luckily, these words didn't burst out of my mouth.


Anonymous said...

oh thank god you didn't say that!! hahaha!!

i have a fabric similar to the brown and blue flower one...is not amy butler's?

seriously, it may not be as good as you think if you are really making custom order clothes la...i remember the days when i was designer...those customers are just unreasonable and snobish!! you'd hate them!!


ashlee 魚 said...

hey.. same here...
always asking myself that why ppl are not doing the most ideal job as they want?
i am too chicken to quit my current one which actually feeds me well and have a new start, sigh....

aileen :: motu said...

joanna ~~ i think i know which amy butler pattern you are talking about... this one in the pic is from linnet... very soft.. hehe... if i ever have such a business, i think i will only accept clients like siu momo! hehehe

ashlee ~~ i am just like you... stuck in a job which is not what i love... i envy those who can make a living out of work that they truly love.