Tuesday, August 19, 2008

For me to remember the enlightening

first, i came across this.
then this.

i kept on reading because i wanted to know how the couple is doing after the accident.
although it seems like the recovery is going to take a long time, i am sure the couple will come through soon as their four lovely children are waiting to be hugged and kissed by their wonderful parents again...
all my blessings are with the family.

then, i kept on reading.. for whatever reasons, i feel drawn to her every day life and her family. probably because i feel that she is not pretentious, she is witty and funny, she is so sincere ~ she is really trying to share what she got in life, she loves life so much (which makes me feel shameful cos sometimes i don't)...

a few of the writings which particularly hit me:
* here ~ such an affectionate husband: "...I really love this song...And last week told Mr. Nielson my unabashed affection for it and after dinner he turned it up really loud and asked me to dance amid the post-dinner chaos right there in the kitchen...".  the couple has a love song each year. i wish they will have many many more songs to come.
* here ~ such a beautiful family
* here ~ beautiful and loving
* here ~ on motherhood and life
* here ~ how romantic, but at the same time, sad 

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