Sunday, August 17, 2008

This coming tuesday

... is sugar the poopoo's 2nd birthday.
~ i finally found the candle holders (couldn't find them in the cupboard when brownie the poopoo has his birthday)...  good, the melted wax won't drop onto the food.
~ and the red flower wreath... i have decided to call it the "birthday poo's crown".  from now on, the birthday poopoo will have to wear it during the cake cutting *ceremony*... hohoho.  i think the red color will bring good luck to them (actually to me, i.e. that the poopoos will behave, they will eat their "mum mum" without much hassle, they won't make mess, etc...)
~ the birthday present is also ready
~ the only other thing i need to get is the birthday cake.  this round, i want to try these.  they look very pretty and i think it is sweet enough so that the poopoos should like it.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday to sugar in advance!!

i bet they would love the macaroons!! i would...hehehhe!!


betbet said...

Happy Birthday to Sugar... after seeing what you've prepared, i really want to join the party... hahaha

kaekae said...

oh... when i'm still working on brownie's birthday gift... sugar's birthday is coming up already??? i need to hurry up sin duck la...

aileen :: motu said...

thanks all!
kae - you still owe sugar's a "touch"!