Wednesday, August 20, 2008

After the operation

at 10:32:16, the operation started
at 10:45:33, the operation ended
the moon was back to business
and brownie the poopoo was the first to greet the moon, by giving it a big big smoochhhh
"i miss you!!!"
brownie the poopoo continued to cuddle with the moon lovingly...
and gave it a pat on its back.
"hmmm... you smell so good... you smell so much like me... hmmm"
at this time, sugar the poopoo was making small bunny steps to get close...
wah, next thing you know, sugar the poopoo was using all her force to drag away the moon from gor gor!
poor gor gor, who is always the gentle one, could do nothing but let mui mui took away his love...
while mui mui was giving her kisses to the moon, gor gor has his eyes closed and sighed "no eye see."

yeah... and sugar the poopoo didn't want to let go of the moon...  kissing it all over.
finally, brownie the poopoo decided to stand up to proclaim his rights.
"mommy, please don't just stand there and watch!!  mui mui took my moon... this is not very nice of her.  please do something fast!"

ok ok.... calm down... calm down.... here, here...


ashlee 魚 said...

your 2 babies are so adorable !
(tho' i am afraid of doggie)

aileen :: motu said...

they are very friendly... don't be afraid!

kaekae said...

ashlee = kae... we both afraid of dogs!!!