Friday, July 18, 2008

Treasure Island

* like this one cos it is simple and comfy
* as soon as i saw the tag, i grab it to the cashier... "sugar" the poopoo
* and of course, my favorite flowery pattern....
* like the puff puff sleeves
* yes, lace + lace + lace...
~ all from the shopping mall in prince edward.  
~ the mall is crowded all the time, really need the patience to dig and find your treasures.
~ and if you are lucky enough, you get the best value-for-money deal!


char char said...

The clothing is so pretty! Do u mind sharing the name & address of that little shop at Price Edward (Allied Plaza, 聯合廣場???)

Thanks a lot.

p.s. I've visited your blog for a while & this is the 1st time i leave a msg. Nice to meet u :>

Anonymous said...

oh i need to go to that mall!! ^_^


aileen :: motu said...

hihi char char,
nice to meet you too! i went again last night! hehe.. i just checked and the name of the shop is IRIZA (shop no. 142A2 and it is in 聯合廣場. you need to go up two levels from the ground, i.e. the level right below the chinese restaurant... their stuff are reasonable, usually ard 200 - 300.
and thx for passing by my blog...

let's go there together!!!

char char said...

thanks for your detailed info.
I'll go check it out.