Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Travel Buddy I

made a few drawstring bags... 
think they will make good travel buddies.
can help with keeping items like cream, glasses, undies, socks, etc.. neat & tidy.
this is one of them.
~ the button is from a handicraft supply store near home... i like it's "old-fashioned" look.
~ the crocheted piece i sewed to the front of the bag was made quite some time ago.  a good use of it now.
~ thought the crocheted piece was a bit too "bare"... so put through a piece of blue lace.
~ left the top of the crocheted piece open so that it can be used as a little pocket.


~米雪~ said...

i come here by the link u left in my blog~^^

your drawstring bag is soooo adorable!!!!
and i love yr photos as well~~

Anonymous said...

what a lovely creation!! i like the use of the blue lace!!

aileen, you're so talented!! ^_^


aileen :: motu said...

you are too kind!