Thursday, July 31, 2008

Playing safe is boring....

* no promotion, no ads
* this recent release quietly sneaked onto the racks of the music stores
* how lucky it is for me to find it!
* it is a compilation of 18 previously "un-plugged" / not-so-hit tracks
* with thoughts and remarks written by clarence hui for each track
* "a tribute to the spirit of SandyLive07"... those who have been to this concert would know what this means.
* a few lines from SandyLive07: 
"who do you wish to be?  i am me!"
"you choose to be who you are"
"life is full of pathways for us to choose and to cross"
"looking out is natural, but few of us ever look inwards"
"loneliest are those who speak the truth"


kaekae said...

it on the rack la... i saw someone recommanded it on the magazine earlier... it must be good.

aileen :: motu said...

have you got it? you should!