Saturday, July 5, 2008

not sure if you like listening to the radio.
if you do, not sure if it is 903 that you listen to.
if you do, not sure if you already know that one of the DJs is leaving.
芝 × 菇 × is leaving for school, to search for her soul, to be free (i guess).
don't get me wrong, i am not into her.  but i find her biography quite interesting.
* she has worked at 903 for 15 yrs
* she was only 14 when she started at 903 (child labor, ha)
* she is creative
* she sometimes has ideas / thoughts that are quite inspiring and different
* and lastly and also most importantly (at least to me), she plays good music. it was in one of the programs she hosted that i first came to know about maria celeste
it would be interesting to know where she will lead herself to in the future....
... and yes, i secretly envy her being free to do anything she feels like doing and whenever she chooses..


betbet said...

motu, not sure if you got my email, I've got 4 phone strap for you: mint choco, caramel, creamy heart and banana choco... all from takashimaya.. there is a limited edition takashimaya version: vanilla (creamy color) with choco chips and a piece of strawberry, do you want this? I will check out isetan again tmr..

ashlee said...

like your blog very much !
i envy ah Gee very much too, she has already done so many things but she is still very young...
and she can choose and take a time out at this age !!!