Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Motu's Club

i can't help but giggle every time when i walk pass this building.
(read the second row of chinese characters; from right to left; click on the picture for an enlarged view)
reasons for me to giggle:
~ it is ultra ultra long (the first time i saw it, it read like a never-ending name)
~ the name has captured all my favorite kind of food / junk (and my staple food cos i literally live on them)
~ it got: candy, biscuit, bread and pastry... all in one club
~ it sounded very "powerful", every thing in one club and covering both hk and kln
~ and i really think i should be the "honorable chairman" of this club... hahaha...
perhaps one day, i should knock on the door of this club....


ashlee 魚 said...

kekeke thanks for sharing XD

aileen :: motu said...

thx for giggling with me... hehehe

Anonymous said...

perhaps we should really go one day and find out what this club is about!!! ^__^


~米雪~ said...

haha... i am not giggle but laugh when i saw your foto~~XDDD

kaekae said...

motu... i think you need to knock their door. this place is yours!

(BTW... i think it is a pretty big flat... if you are the chairman... we can have a new "gay day" for fun la!!)