Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Leaving early... two days in a roll

as far as i can recall, i have not been able to leave work before 6:30.  but yesterday and today, i did!  so weird to be able to walk out from the office building and see sunlight (although fading) and people!  i am not very used to all this.. a bit dizzy!  haha....  the ride on the mtr was strange too... lots of people and i almost didn't get to sit down.  during my ride, i was sort of studying these people...  looked like it was the normal time of the day for them to get off from work.  then i started thinking what do they do with all the time from after work to bedtime?  i guess it is only the normal thing for them to have dinner with family or friends, do some shopping, have a drink, take some classes, or even see a movie... so many activities...  then i looked at myself... my routine is: get off from work, go straight home, grab sth to eat quickly and sleep.  no time for anything else as i get off work late.  

what would i do if i have all these time in the world if only i could leave early every day??
would i:
~ make dinner for somotu?
~ learn a new language, photography, making clothes?
~ catch up with friends?
~ pay a surprise visit to my family?
~ go shopping?
~ get a facial?
~ get a massage?
~ get a manicure or pedicure?
i don't know... or would i go straight home and spend more time with the poopoos....

and when i finally got home tonight, i didn't need to switch on the lights as there was still some natural light coming in from the outside (weird feeling!)


kaekae said...

i hope you can keep this up and start to LOT (leave on time) everyday!! so that we can hang out more la...

Anonymous said...

you deserve this!! getting off work early really makes a big difference...though i never sleep earlier as much as i want to, really do feel more refreshed and more spare time at night (don't apply to me though since i have san san...)

go pamper yourself and enjoy!!


aileen :: motu said...

hahaha... good times doesn't last long... today is back to normal already....