Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kay's Binary

her return after being away for 18 months... (she is now a mom!)
i think this round, her songs are a bit more commerical than i would like them to be.
not all of the songs are composed and written by 周博賢.
but the ones that are, they are great, just like the ones in her previous albums.
this guy writes the best, funniest, most sardonic and truthful lyrics (at least that's what i think) as they are not just about l-o-v-e.
lyrics from a couple of the songs in this latest album which i find interesting, different and funny:

眾搭客結集在列車艙 一個個對坐 有部份 渾沌睡眼空晃晃 部份用辦法自娛埋藏 卻永遠發現著電話幫 三個至四個 坐附近 利用電話跟死黨 漠視著大眾高聲傾講 股海怎麼翻波 親戚怎麼囉唆 張添福朱小冰相戀的經過 資料相當清楚 不想聽都不可 心中開始起火 叔公身家幾多 師姐專攻商科 擠迫車廂中私隱集體廣播 不需解釋清楚 不想知這麼多 只想專心聽歌 縱正向對著望露兇光 他也懶理我 似附近 是二萬呎的空房 自在又愉快的講講講 遠至世界大事亦不須 於這裡散播 更莫論 雜項事情沒有痛癢 歸家收起再講可不可 出身怎麼坎坷 想生位金叵羅 張添福朱小冰分手的經過 資料相當清楚 不想聽都不可 心中開始起火 車廂的CONFERENCE CALL 即使可泣可歌 走開一點好嗎讓空間給我 不需解釋清楚 不想知這麼多 只想專心聽歌
~ i love the term "電話幫" and i do find them annoying ~

* 如花 *
是本土的喜劇神話 這位丑角稱號如花 是個反串的俏嬌娃 滿鬚根相貌可怕 喜歡穿著妖豔裙褂 扭腰眨眼低俗浮誇 但每當她出鏡一下 博得掌聲崩堤霸 敬業與否定高下 區區的小角可變作佳話 即使只得四句低級笑話 用心去 演繹他 小小的經典可傳萬家 眼影假髮總是太假 間中需要遮面捱打 扮相將俏臉也醜化 卻交足戲沒喧嘩 若覺工作總是太差 永不起眼任人玩耍 被客呼喝感到丟架 你應多參考如花 精彩的小角可領獎歸家 即使得區區四句對白笨拙傻話 不太差 演好他 小小的經典可傳天下
~ should try thinking like this next time when frustrated ~

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Anonymous said...

i used to quite like her songs and voice too. haven't heard the new songs though...