Thursday, July 10, 2008

Brownie the poopoo has turned 4 yrs old!

i couldn't stay at aspy's grand opening for too long... i rushed back home ..
cos it's brownie the poopoo's birthday today!!
brownie the poopoo has turned 4!!!
and why are there two "birthday cakes"?
cos we didn't want sugar the poopoo to feel left out.. hehe...
the poopoos are a bit scared of the candle flame... a bit strange cos last year, they weren't.  so i ended up having have to hold brownie the poopoo near the table for this shot.  
ring ring...  ring ring...
someone is calling to say happy birthday to brownie the poopoo.
hmm.. making a birthday wish together...
birthday gifts for brownie the poopoo... a bib and a plush toy
we love you, brownie the poopoo... you are always such a good boy.
happy birthday again.


kaekae said...

happy birthday to brownie arr!! i wish you "five ko cheung dai" and "son tight kin hon"!!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to brownie!! brownie's ma-ma is so sweet, with the presents and cakes!! ^__^