Friday, July 25, 2008

Crossing the harbor

ever since they moved the pier, i have made less rides back to the other side of the harbor.  it's too far away for me to walk from ckc to ifc.  plus the new pier does not really appeal to me... it is lacking sth... it is lacking some personality, some experience and that worn-out look.  it just doesn't match with the ferries at all... it is too "brand new" to go with the ferries... and not to mention the big letters in red on the "signature" tower.  why can't they just go with black?? don't know what the red is doing up there...  i think it is quite blinding and awkward.
but putting all these things aside, the ferry ride itself is still enjoyable:
* can breathe some fresh air for a change
* feel the sea breeze passing by
* great view
* the ferry is going so slowly that the mind can also wind down for awhile
* not being forced to stare into the face of some strangers or feel/smell one another (as in the mtr)
* perform my own little research on the demographics of tourists 
* cheapest way to get across the harbor

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kaekae said...

looks like you are enjoying your holiday wor... good good good!!!