Tuesday, July 1, 2008

after work, we paid a surprise visit to vincent and his family.  had quite some fun with his two boys, one is 8 yrs old and the other is 6 yrs old. this is how our afternoon was spent:
~ checked out the little one's summer assignments: additions, subtractions, find the odd one, connect the similar ones, etc...  they are quite fun and i almost wanted to complete them for him!  i could see his eyes shine when i said "i want to do your homework, they are fun!".
~ played "rock, paper, scissors".  i won them both and got to pinch their chubby cheeks.  somotu lost in all the rounds (he always claims that he is the king of "rock, paper, scissors" when he was a kid!  ha!).
~ played hide-and-seek.  i counted ten and looked for them.  i was good (particularly when their house is three storeys high), i found them every round. haha.
~ got introduced to their toys and the gundam models they built.  tracy said she is "made" to play with such toys.  both of us secretly "prefer" girls to boys.


Anonymous said...

yes, no gundam for me, please...~~

girls rule!! ^_^


aileen :: motu said...

can't agree more!