Thursday, July 31, 2008

Playing safe is boring....

* no promotion, no ads
* this recent release quietly sneaked onto the racks of the music stores
* how lucky it is for me to find it!
* it is a compilation of 18 previously "un-plugged" / not-so-hit tracks
* with thoughts and remarks written by clarence hui for each track
* "a tribute to the spirit of SandyLive07"... those who have been to this concert would know what this means.
* a few lines from SandyLive07: 
"who do you wish to be?  i am me!"
"you choose to be who you are"
"life is full of pathways for us to choose and to cross"
"looking out is natural, but few of us ever look inwards"
"loneliest are those who speak the truth"

Pretty little lady

happy birthday to joanna's daughter, san san... 
* forgot to give this back to joanna the other day...

* and some silly little things for san san...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Motu's Club

i can't help but giggle every time when i walk pass this building.
(read the second row of chinese characters; from right to left; click on the picture for an enlarged view)
reasons for me to giggle:
~ it is ultra ultra long (the first time i saw it, it read like a never-ending name)
~ the name has captured all my favorite kind of food / junk (and my staple food cos i literally live on them)
~ it got: candy, biscuit, bread and pastry... all in one club
~ it sounded very "powerful", every thing in one club and covering both hk and kln
~ and i really think i should be the "honorable chairman" of this club... hahaha...
perhaps one day, i should knock on the door of this club....

Busy traffic

*the poopoos know where to look, to smell, to wait and beg for their snacks....
*they know the snacks come in plastic bags originally...  
whenever they hear the sound of the opening / grabbing of any plastic bags, they will come rushing to us.
*and they also know their snacks are stored in glass jars.
whenever they hear the sound of glass, the turning of the lid, again, they will come rushing to us.
*and of course, they know where we put the glass jars...  every now and then, they will sniff around, stand up and down around the places where the glass jars are.  they will then look at the jars and look towards us... repeatedly... very obvious that they want some treats. haha...
*and when they are really desperate, they will start tapping our hand, leg, tummy with their front paws...  and if we are lying on the sofa, they will scratch our heads as if they are washing our hair or giving us a massage...
*they will get hyper when either one of them has made "hot & fresh smellies" for us...  e.g. if sugar the poopoo made "fresh smellies", brownie the poopoo will take the lead, come rushing to us and start tapping us like crazy.  when we walk towards the glass jars, both of them will be so happy that they will start turning in circles non-stop....  very hectic traffic in a small house!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Ballerina

a ballerina dress made for sugar the poopoo.

Winter up there

while it is 41°C in MK, it is already winter up on the runway...
f/w 08 rtw by giambattista valli
nice... nice... nice...

Kay's Binary

her return after being away for 18 months... (she is now a mom!)
i think this round, her songs are a bit more commerical than i would like them to be.
not all of the songs are composed and written by 周博賢.
but the ones that are, they are great, just like the ones in her previous albums.
this guy writes the best, funniest, most sardonic and truthful lyrics (at least that's what i think) as they are not just about l-o-v-e.
lyrics from a couple of the songs in this latest album which i find interesting, different and funny:

眾搭客結集在列車艙 一個個對坐 有部份 渾沌睡眼空晃晃 部份用辦法自娛埋藏 卻永遠發現著電話幫 三個至四個 坐附近 利用電話跟死黨 漠視著大眾高聲傾講 股海怎麼翻波 親戚怎麼囉唆 張添福朱小冰相戀的經過 資料相當清楚 不想聽都不可 心中開始起火 叔公身家幾多 師姐專攻商科 擠迫車廂中私隱集體廣播 不需解釋清楚 不想知這麼多 只想專心聽歌 縱正向對著望露兇光 他也懶理我 似附近 是二萬呎的空房 自在又愉快的講講講 遠至世界大事亦不須 於這裡散播 更莫論 雜項事情沒有痛癢 歸家收起再講可不可 出身怎麼坎坷 想生位金叵羅 張添福朱小冰分手的經過 資料相當清楚 不想聽都不可 心中開始起火 車廂的CONFERENCE CALL 即使可泣可歌 走開一點好嗎讓空間給我 不需解釋清楚 不想知這麼多 只想專心聽歌
~ i love the term "電話幫" and i do find them annoying ~

* 如花 *
是本土的喜劇神話 這位丑角稱號如花 是個反串的俏嬌娃 滿鬚根相貌可怕 喜歡穿著妖豔裙褂 扭腰眨眼低俗浮誇 但每當她出鏡一下 博得掌聲崩堤霸 敬業與否定高下 區區的小角可變作佳話 即使只得四句低級笑話 用心去 演繹他 小小的經典可傳萬家 眼影假髮總是太假 間中需要遮面捱打 扮相將俏臉也醜化 卻交足戲沒喧嘩 若覺工作總是太差 永不起眼任人玩耍 被客呼喝感到丟架 你應多參考如花 精彩的小角可領獎歸家 即使得區區四句對白笨拙傻話 不太差 演好他 小小的經典可傳天下
~ should try thinking like this next time when frustrated ~

Monday, July 28, 2008

Smile baby...

i like this song by lily allen alot.  
it is from quite some time ago..
but whenever i hear it, 
it makes me want to stand up and start jumping.. 
l like its reggae beat..
and it's video is just hilarious! it is crazy but funny! 
she is paying $$ to have her ex beaten up, his house turned upside down, 
his precious albums ruined... 
while she plays "angel"...
there is one line in the lyrics: " messed up my mental health...".  
guys beware!  
this can possibly happen to you if you mess up a girl's mental health!

... her other song "littlest things" is also good... not crazy as "smile".

Birthday, Hokkaido & Iceland:: Iceland

Cfu also just came back from her trip to Iceland...  and was happily digging into her goodies bag, pulling out the souvenirs she got for the sfg girls... look, look! it's my turn!  she is pulling out sth red...

... **dar dung!!!**... it is a pair of socks with many many deers.  they immediately reminded me of xmas, hohoho, my favorite season of all times!  i am going to use them as xmas stockings for the poopoos.

Birthday, Hokkaido & Iceland:: Birthday & Hokkaido

Last saturday, the sfg girls gathered for bonbon's (belated) bday.... bonbon busy with unwrapping her bday gifts.
... bonbon also just came back from hokkaido and brought back some souvenirs. mine is a handmade goody ~ lavender in a glass bottle...
... i like this recycled glass bottle...

... made sth for bonbon.. a little drawstring bag...
... also tried to make a bracelet for bonbon. but it turned out to be a bit too big for bonbon and that the pom pom wasn't round enough...
... so decided to keep it to myself... which is a good idea cos i detected some "architectural" problem while wearing it. i need to make some adjustments for the next one (which i am going to make with a smaller pom pom so that it will fit bonbon better).

Sunday, July 27, 2008

One lazy sunday afternoon

i love this picture taken by ah king...  it has captured a funny but yet sweet moment where my brother was dozing off together with brownie the poopoo.... (hope brother doesn't mind me posting a picture of him here.....  )

The Exhibition: Our Last Polariods

Friday night, we went to check out an exhibition:

The exhibition was much smaller than what I have expected but nevertheless, I found it interesting and informative. Have taken quite a bit of pictures (actually not sure if taking pictures was allowed but no one said anything to me).. sharing some of them with you here...  

... there is a bit of sadness overlaying the booth...

~ There is also a petition to save polariod film production...  
~ some more here
~ and more: here, here, and here 

Friday, July 25, 2008

How much time have I spent...

... in this building
* fifty something % of each weekday 
* thirty something % of my life so far
... still counting and how much more?

each weekday, i need to decide on how to make the best use of the remaining of the day.  if i spend twenty something % on sleeping, i can have ten something % free time...  e.g. 12% translates to 3 hours...  3 hours only.... 

Crossing the harbor

ever since they moved the pier, i have made less rides back to the other side of the harbor.  it's too far away for me to walk from ckc to ifc.  plus the new pier does not really appeal to me... it is lacking sth... it is lacking some personality, some experience and that worn-out look.  it just doesn't match with the ferries at all... it is too "brand new" to go with the ferries... and not to mention the big letters in red on the "signature" tower.  why can't they just go with black?? don't know what the red is doing up there...  i think it is quite blinding and awkward.
but putting all these things aside, the ferry ride itself is still enjoyable:
* can breathe some fresh air for a change
* feel the sea breeze passing by
* great view
* the ferry is going so slowly that the mind can also wind down for awhile
* not being forced to stare into the face of some strangers or feel/smell one another (as in the mtr)
* perform my own little research on the demographics of tourists 
* cheapest way to get across the harbor

Thursday, July 24, 2008

For my pol-pol

... carrier made for one of my pol-pol...
... i wasn't in a hurry to make it but somotu was.  
... kept asking me everyday.
... "ok, ok.  made!"
... "just one?  what about the other one?"
... "i am done for the day..  please put your name onto the waiting list."   
... "................." 
... a good use of this tiny dolly which was made quite some time ago..
... and the carrier is kinda "fat" cos of the stuffings in between the fabrics

... one of my favorite patterns: toile & barefoot roses

Sweetie Vampire

this is probably the weirdest, the most off-beat vampire ever seen...
* she is too sweet to look like one
* she does not melt under daylight
* she is too short to bite anyone's neck
* her upper vampire teeth are too short to even be seen
* she is too hairy
* she is missing the signature vampire robe
and her name is sugar the vampire.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

サンリオ ☆ キキララ

found this while wandering around page one the other day.  and it brought back all the good old memories. when i was little, i was a great fan of them.  twin stars, my melody, strawberry kingdom, tiny poem, vaudeville, etc etc...  i liked them all except hello kitty. it was only when i was in college that i started liking it too...  and not to mention collecting those freebies that came with every purchase!!  you know what i am talking about?  those small things that they would use a nice sticker to stick onto your shopping bag (like the one above which came with the gift from ah king and my brother)...  and how they were collectibles cos they came in different designs, characters and limited quantities...  sometimes i would just beg my mother to buy me stuff for the sake of getting these freebies...  i have a whole box full of them... and i hope my mother hasn't thrown them away yet!  i better go check them out this weekend!!!

and i am still wondering whether i should get the book or not... 

ah, and i also saw this.  i still like twin stars....

Treasure Island ~ the return of motu

* the island is too addictive... once you have been to it, you just can't escape from it.
* last weekend, i heard it calling my name again...
* when i finally set my feet on the island, i found out who has been calling me...
* it is Ms. Stripe the one piece wrapper and Ms. Bow the hold-you-tight 
* soon after i gave in, they told me they needed a friend (or two)
* i wonder who would be calling me this weekend????


~ the poopoos waiting for the "OK!" to enjoy their afternoon treat...
~ this is about the only "trick" that they know...
~ we have tried "training" them to do other things like "rollover", "stand", "jump", "bang" (to play dead, haha) etc, etc... 
~ but after 4 yrs (for brownie the poopoo) and 2 yrs (for sugar the poopoo)... the only few things that they can barely do are: "sit", "hand hand", "down" and "ok!" (to wait until they hear "ok!" to start eating)....
~ and yes, their breed is supposed to be one of the top three smartest doggies in the world...
~ their success rate looks like this:
* sit:: 40% and the remaining 60% is about getting mixed up with "down"
* hand hand:: 50% and the other 50% is getting no response
* down:: 60% (higher success rate cos they are just too lazy and want to lie down) and 40% is about getting mixed up with "sit"
* ok!:: 90% (!!!  yeah... and really because they know it means food!)
~ i guess they are not really that silly cos at least when it comes to food, they know what to do....
~ i recall one doggie owner once said, "i don't really understand why ppl like to make their doggies do this and that... they are your companion, your friend. would you ever tell your wife/husband/friend to 'eat', 'rollover', 'hand hand'?? why can't ppl just leave their doggie friend alone, let them enjoy their life??".... and i sort of agree with that...