Sunday, June 15, 2008

still months away from halloween, but another scary season has begun. invitation cards from vampires to mosquitos are flying in from all directions. one can really fall into their traps if not strong and firm enough. just like this afternoon, hung hung and motu were tempted.... after going thru a couple of hours of real test of endurance, motu is happy to report that damage was not bad. can't say much more about what kind of damage was done (don't worry hung hung, nothing will be exposed here)...  among all the temptations, motu was especially attracted by the following vampires:
* vampire L:: a very very very nice and pretty dusty pink one piece with black ribbon belt
* vampire L:: a very very very cool cardigan with super cool buttons
* vampire L:: a very very very romantic sleeveless pullover with lace and pearl buttons
(hung hung:: you wouldn't know about the last two vampires cos it happened after you deserted motu)
but motu is proud to announce that these vampires have failed... and motu is safe.

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