Tuesday, June 24, 2008

i am very very very and super addicted to them.  sometimes, i find myself unconsciously humming their songs in my head.  and have you ever seen ppl singing to themselves while listening to the headphones when they are walking on the street?  i just hope that i am not making that loud of a noise and attracting that kind of attention!  haha...

it is not really a band but more of a french musical collective. all the songs in the above cds are cover versions of some well-known punk and new wave songs, sang by different singers, re-arranged in bossa nova style...  i am very very very very and super addicted to them (yes i am repeating myself) cos i like the voice of the singers (some funny, some weird, some sexy and some soothing) and that i like the arrangements of the songs...

my fave tracks in:
1st album, nouvelle vague: in a manner of speaking*; marian; making plans for nigel; i melt with you*
2nd album, bande a part: the killing moon*; don't go; o pamela*; let me go; waves*; blue monday*; dance with me*
* in my playlist

and my fave of the fave: the killing moon..  can i be greedy?  i want to also pick: waves.  i will close my eyes, imagine myself floating on the sea under the moonlight, wrapped in a serene atmosphere, listening to the sound of the waves clash against the seashore, no worries, no sadness... feeling free and weight-less.

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